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When it comes to sport we are fanatical and our reseach team have a vast knowledge of teams, players, managers and the statistics.


We employ the best in the industry to give our clients a probability instead of a possibility at Sportex.


We have huge volumes of data coverage into our bespoke analytics tool, providing an unparalleled level of insight for our expert team at Sportex.


Our high performance technology stack enables us to cover thousands of matches per year at Sportex.


Dynamic technology that evolves with the market

Our focus is on building event-sourced betting micro services using the latest .NET technologies, data science tools with Python, Apache Parquet and Pandas, web scraping robots and high frequency stream processors.


We continuously challenge ourselves to improve the quality of what we build and to reduce the time to build it.

Our distributed messaging systems handle thousands of global activities every second, highlighting trading opportunities the moment they appear.


Continuous streams of sporting and betting events converge on our data platform, providing rich analysis and deep insights to our research and betting teams.

Low Risk

We only risk 2.5% of any clients capital at any one time.

Entry Level

You can open an account with just £2,000 at Sportex.

Uncorrelated Market

Our market is not linked to any other financial market and therefore we provide safe and secure trading at Sportex.


Our algorithm has 11 years backtesting on real markets with real money at Sportex.


We provide our clients with a totally liquid account so that you’re in control of your capital at Sportex.

Account Manager

You will have a Dedicated Account Manager assigned to you.


tried And Trusted sports trading

As with normal stock trading, the aim is always to buy low and sell high. With Sportex, the principles are very much the same but thanks to our in-house systems we lay low and back high making a profit, regardless of the result.


Each bet that our systems analyse within the market consists of a huge amount of variables and data. Some influence the market more than others, but once our AI systems learn the market characteristics it becomes easy to make money on a more consistent level.


As such, our outcomes are incredibly reliable and allows us to make promises that we can stick to every single time. We pride ourselves on this ability to stay true to our word and make repeatable, provable, and substantial profit for our clients.

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